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Police Searching for Oregon’s First Convict of Revenge Porn
It has been a little over a year since Senate Bill 188 was passed in Oregon, and it isn't until now that a man has been convicted of the crime of publishing "revenge porn."
This bill outlaws posting sexually explicit photos of someone without their permission and with the speci…
Why Last Year Did Not Suck (11 Legitimate Reasons)
Was last year a "Sweet '16"?
The buzz is nay,
but say,
only 31% of people in a new survey think the year went terribly for this country
and only 19% think it went terribly for them personally.

Scientists may have found the gene responsible for ALS
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65 Celebrities You Maybe Forgot ALSO Died in 2016
We're all shocked by the tragedy of Debbie Reynolds dying just hours after her daughter Carrie Fisher. And that was just after we learned of George Michael's passing! Well, it's a long list and there's no way to include everybody who meant something to somebody, but here are some…

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