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Help Me Identify This Bird [VIDEO]
So several times a year birds fly into our back patio picture windows. A few have not made it and a few just sit there stunned and in shock. Well it happened again yesterday afternoon.
When You Run a Red Light and Injure a Richland Policeman…
I'll call it distracted driving because even it if it wasn't related to an electronic device, there are lots of other ways to be distracted enough to run a red light.
Here's hoping the officer involved is ok...we wish you the best and thank you for all you do everyday...
First Degree Murder Warrant Issued for 15 Year Old Yakima Boy
On Wednesday, October 25th, Yakima County Superior Court issued a 1st Degree Murder Warrant for 15-year-old Luis Enrique Medina-Beltran (10/7/02).
Keep in mind this picture of the suspect is at least two years old.
Medina-Beltran is wanted for the murder of Napolean Prado, who was shot and killed Tu…

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