6 Things You Should Stop Doing on Facebook
Here are 6 things you should stop doing RIGHT NOW. If you’re guilty of one, I still love you. If you’re guilty of more than one, STOP IT!

When you post an emotional reaction designed for just one person to see but you throw it out there for everybody. And
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KPD is Hiring New Recruits …. Jobs…Jobs…Jobs!!
The Kennewick Police are proud to announce a new opportunity for young people who are interested in becoming a police officer. The Kennewick Police Cadet Program will give an opportunity for six men or women between the ages of 18 to 22 to start their law enforcement career...
This Local Man should Receive the Stupid Criminal Award
According to Kennewick police Facebook page:
Jose A. Montelongo-46, picked up a DeWalt Drill Combo Set and exited the store without paying for it. Employees watched him walk to the bus stop across the street and hop on the bus headed to the Dayton St Transfer Station...
Is Clown Purge Real? [VIDEO]
According to a Facebook page called "Clown Hunters" clown hunting was suppose to be Sunday October 30th. So far, so good ...No clown hunting at this moment. Why rumors like this are taken seriously is beyond me.

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