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Faith Martin’s DIY Nightmare Home Project! [VIDEO]
I spent all day doing what I thought would be a fairly simple project that would give me some shade on my back porch by trying to build a frame for my newly planted Wisteria plants to crawl on.
Here is the shortened story and a good reminder for me to just ASK FOR HELP...
Free Giant Roof Thing in Kennewick. Wait, What?
Have you seen the giant free 'roof top' thinger in front of Red Lion in Kennewick? Yep, it's all yours if you want it! I think it was the topper of their sign. Hey, it you have the yard for a giant gazebo type thing, this could be for you. Or maybe you're just the person they&apo…
Orchids Are Easy so Buy One! [VIDEO]
I've stayed away from orchids for years because I bought one once....sound familiar? I have a friend who's had them for years and says she has friends who can't keep them alive while she can't kill 'em! The secret is water...too much is death to orchids...
10 Reasons Greg Delange Sucks at Taking Vacation
When people ask me, "What are you doing with your vacation time?" I say, "I'm not doing nothing!" I'm going to sleep in, relax, sit around the house, never get dressed, etc." Truth is, my vacations are a lot less relaxing than that.

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