Easter Bunny and Dad Brawl [VIDEO]
An Easter Bunny at a mall in Jersey City, New Jersey accidentally dropped a one-year-old off his lap after they took a picture.  . . . and then it started!!! the Easter bunny and dad started throwing punches. (CAREFUL PROFANITY)
Easter bunny throwin the hands @ Newport Lmfaoo pt1 pic…
2016 Easter Egg Hunt List for Tri-Cities
There are a ton of options for Easter if you want to take your kids and hunt eggs, but most are not highly publicized. Where are all the best egg hunts in the Tri-cities area? I have tried to complete a list of events I am sure you will love...
13 April Fools Prank Ideas to Get Your Wheels Turning
It's time to start planning for April Fools if you want to make it truly memorable. We have a lot of fun at the radio station. Whether it's mandatory no-toilet flushing, lies about sagebrush, or false information about the Badger Mountain parking lot, we love to get people going. What will…
Hilarious Pasco Police Tweet Taking Internet By Storm
If you don't follow the Pasco Police Department on Twitter, stop everything you're doing and follow them. They're absolutely hilarious, and this tweet from New Year's is just an example. It's been liked close to 3,000 times and shared another 785.

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