See Disgusting Mess Left By Watershed Campers!
I have never attended the Watershed festival at the Gorge so maybe I just don't get it...but I am appalled by the photos I've seen of the aftermath it's completely disgusting that people would leave so much filth and trash behind!
More Tickets to Maroon 5’s Pendleton Show to Be Released!
It sold out over a month ago. If you snoozed, yup, you know the rest! Maroon 5 is coming to Pendleton for the Pendleton Whisky Music Festival in July. If you were feeling sad about not buying (or winning) tickets, do not fret. You've got another chance to snag some seats...
Vince Gill Joins The Eagles!!
With the passing of Glenn Frey, the remaining members of The Eagles have called on Glenn's son and country superstar Vince Gill according to the LA Times.
And just how will Vince fit in with those classic Eagles hits? Why just perfect...check this out...

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