Are You Breaking the Law in Tri-Cities?
Recently the Pasco police posted about a dog that fell out of the back of a truck while traveling over the bridge...fortunately the dog was ok!
Is this legal? can someone drive around with a dog in the back of a truck?
RCW 16.52.0...
Man Tries to Wrestle a Panda (FAIL!) [VIDEO]
This idiot was reportedly taking a tour in a zoo in southeast China  with two female friends before making an attempt to climb into the panda house to tease the sleeping panda. He did manage to wake the panda. The disturbed panda was then seen on surveillance footage hugging the man&CloseCurlyQ…
2nd Time in History Strange Animal Spotted in Walla Walla
For the 2nd time in history one of the most strange species of sea birds was spotted in Walla Walla county and bird watchers freaked. According to news reports, a marine brown pelican was spotted on Cobble Island just off the lower Snake River and lots of people witnessed it...

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