For years I was in charge of the office boat races party. Not this year. I'm staying home and building a deck. Ahhh, so relaxing.

It's going to be 200 square feet and is just what my backyard needs. An added bonus is some patio work I did 20 years ago isn't looking good, so I'll just build right over it!

I'll be using pressure-treated wood for the framework and use Trex deck material for the bulk of it.

I'm actually really looking forward to it. I've never built a deck before and it's going to be fun. I'm excited.

I'll be adding an awning for shade and haven't decided yet how far out it should go. I also can't decide whether to use the pressure-treated wood for the joists or just spray wood with weather proofing. I don't think people usually have trouble with weathered joists.