Don't you just hate solicitors? According to the responses to our poll, most of you don't even buy stuff from them.

Most of you say you rarely, if ever, buy from a door-to-door sales person. No one said they always buy.

And yet they still keep comin' a knockin'.

That leaves us to find new and unique ways to tell them "NO."

We poll you guys one more time to find out how you get them off your porch and some of the responses were downright hilarious if not clever and somewhat original. Here's what you said:

  • A whopping 32 percent said you should just ignore them -- shut or slam the door (basically don't give them the privilege of trying to sell you anything at all.)
  • Surprisingly, the next largest response was the "polite no" with 12 percent.
  • 10 percent said to slam the door while yelling, "Keep on walking/walk away!"
  • Say no and call the cops, or just straight call the cops, came in with 8 percent.
  • Answer the door naked -- 6 percent
  • Try to sell them something -- 6 percent
  • "It's against my religion" -- 4 percent
  • "No hablo Ingles" -- 4 percent
  • "Remain silent" -- 4 percent
  • Apologize or just say sorry -- 4 percent
  • Say you don't have any money -- 4 percent

And then there was one genius who said we should just put up a "No Solicitors" sign....well  why didn't we think of that first?