Did everyone have a fun weekend? After I completed my duties Saturday Mama Bear and I jumped in the car and headed to Hood River, Oregon! Now we have all stopped there for a potty break, stretch your legs, grab a burger and head to Portland or the coast.

We decided to stay the night! Where else? The classic Columbia George Hotel! Built in 1921 this 39 room hotel was the playground of Rudy Valentino (The lounge was named after him), Mryna Loy, even Presidents Theodore Roosevelt and Calvin Coolidge stayed in this hotel.

The cool part of staying here was that my Grandmother would have lunch with her mom & dad on their way from Portland to Halfway.

This hotel was recently purchased by a local Tri Cities businessman and they have remodeled the hotel and brought back alot of the classic slendor of the Columbia Grand Hotel and it's grounds. Every weekend there are weddings here, corporate retreats and while we were there the NW Wine Summit was being held!

So check out my photo gallery of the hotel. Do something different and check out the Columbia Gorge Hotel in Hood River. It was worth the trip! Tomorrow I will post something that we did that you wouldn't believe is in the tiny town of Odell which is just above Hood River!