I'm having one of those days today where soooo many things have gone drastically wrong!  Random things that could really put me in  dumpy mood if I let them.

On days like this, I remind myself of the beautiful sunshine, the wonderful co-workers I have who greeted me so warmly today. The smiles on the faces of the people I saw and were around this morning, and most importantly the fact that my kids are happy and healthy!

It's easy to let the little things get us down sometimes. I hope to always see the beauty in things that make me happy! Like the way the breeze feels on my face and the smell of fresh cut hay as I pass a field or the way the sun glistens on the water.

The wonderful hugs from people who care in this world,

And the peace I feel when I glance at this picture.

It's a great day after all! I am so fortunate to work and live in this great community!

Thank you for letting me be a part of your life on the radio!