First, the Seahawks became the first NFL playoff team or Divisional Champion with a losing record.

Now, this last weekend, two more records have been set.  For the first time since the NFL adopted it current playoff format, the two #6, or lowest seeded, teams are in the NFC and AFC championship games.  The Steelers were #2 behind the Patriots (who were knocked out by the Jets Sunday) and the Jets are the #6.  Over in the NFC , the Bears were the #2 behind Atlanta, while #6 Green Bay knocked off #1 Atlanta.  Also, for the first time  in both Divisions, the #2 seed is playing the #6 seed.  Since the NFL adopted our latest playoff format, the seeding matchups have never been the same, but it is this weekend.  As for Seattle, despite losing this weekend, they still have the NFC West title, and because of their losing records, will have several favorable positions coming up in the NFL Draft in April