Here are a couple of stories that made me read them twice, because the first time I read them I couldn't believe what I was reading.


A women from New Jersey, who was hit in the face by a baseball at a little league game two years ago, now wants to sue the kid that threw it. Did you get all of that, I'll give you a minute for that to sink in. The women now wants $150,000 in damages for medical costs, and much more for pain and suffering. She now claims the kid that threw the ball did it on purpose, and has caused "severe, painful and permanent" injuries.Let me get this straight, you're laying around the house smoking and eating ice cream, and you realize you need some more vodka. So your out of work lawyer friend says, "Hey,didn't you get hit by a baseball a couple of years ago" Bingo, we're suing a kid. Good luck with that ya moron. If you have pain and suffering from an incident from two years ago, you don't need a lawyer, you need a new doctor.



Thieves in New York area have figured out how to steal sneakers from displays. Most stores display a right or a left shoe in different sizes. Very smart or bored crooks have figured out which store has which shoes and the sizes, so they know which sneakers to steal to match up the two shoes. Some stores are losing up to 50 pairs of shoes a year, which may not seem like a lot, but times that by how many stores in the New York area. How lazy are you? By the time you figure all of that out, you could have filled out a hundred applications and had a job by now. Lazy crooks who steal from others should have a leg lopped off, that way when they are out stealing they would have trouble getting away with their loot with crutches, plus they would be easier to run down. Something to think about.


Finally, after a lot of negative feedback, Facebook pulled their new Friendshake app. This was the brilliant app that would allow you to use GPS tracking to find the profiles of others who may be sitting near you. I can't imagine why people quickly nicknamed it "The Stalker app" I'm a bad man sitting in a bar with lots of young girls around, drinking, I'll just go to my Friendshake app and find out all about you, even though you don't know me, you may like me later after I stalk you for a year or two. At what point in a Facebook meeting, did any of that idea make any sense. If I were Alan Jackson I could write a song where I would rhyme Face book with Satan. This crap will never end, just saying.