According to a story from MSN Living, there are 9 things you can purchase that will simplify your life in some way or another.

I took a look at them and not one of them would make my life easier. It would make it more confusing, that's for sure.

But that's me and electronics.

It's not that all this new stuff isn't cool; I just really don't care, or have a use, for them.

The greatest invention in the last 100 years was the TV remote control, you can't top that. Do I need to turn my lights on and off at home using my phone, no I should use my phone to call the kids and tell them to do it. Do I need a watch that tells me my weight and calorie intake, no, I need a camera in the dryer that will show me why the socks go in as a pair, and come out single, figure that one out Bill Gates. Give me a flashlight with a lock on it so no one can steal the batteries when I'm not looking. I was born 100 years to late, give me a cattle drive, sleeping under the stars and drinking strong coffee, long days, short nights and a cold beer at the end of the ride. Download that!