No. 1 is obvious: his chances of being king someday just went down the toilet! But here are four more reasons he'd rather be naked in Vegas right now.

2. Despite his feelings he has to keep a smile on his face! "Yay, I'm an uncle"

3. Buckingham Palace is now his brother's place.

4. Pipa is probably going to be back in the news.

5. Say goodbye to media praise for your heroic helicopter rescues because baby's first words, first steps and first teeth on their way!

Now some of you may be thinking, "He's not the oldest, he never would have been king." But don't forget Queen Elizabeth's own father was a little brother. If you saw "The King's Speech" you know a little of the story. Edward VIII was king but he sucked at it and he was kind of gross. He fell in love with this social ladder-climbing woman named Wallis Simpson. She was commonly known as the commoner divorcee, which sounds really harsh, but you've got to understand this woman was an expert at marrying up... again and again and again. In fact, once Edward VIII wasn't king anymore she kept having affairs with other rich men and MI5 had to trail her and keep her personal life a secret to protect the royal family. Anyway, he abdicated to marry Mrs. Simpson and George (Elizabeth's father) had to take over.

Getty Images, Keystone, Hulton Archive