For many middle school and high school students across the United States, having art classes in school is quite the luxury. For this high school student, the opportunity is no different.

Jaclyn Sams, a Richland High School senior, said that art has always been an important part of her life. She said although she considers it nothing more than an enjoyable hobby, it is something that she has learned to greatly appreciate.

Having moved to Richland her freshman year from South Carolina, Sams said she is glad that they even have art classes at Richland High School.

“In South Carolina, there wasn’t money to fund an art program,” she said.

Sams said although she plans to eventually earn a degree in a science field, art is something that she will continue as a hobby. She said art has been something she has done since she was in the third grade, starting with small class projects such as macaroni sculptures.

Sams said since, she has developed an interest in painting, specializing mostly in acrylic with some watercolor painting.

Currently, Sams is working on a replicated version of the “Son of Man,” a famous painting originally composed by Belgian surrealist painter Rene Magritte, showing a tall man in a black suit with a Granny Smith apple covering his face.

Her attention to detail is imminent in the near identical shading she has created so far with light and dark pigments.

Sams said she has taken studio art classes every semester at Richland High School, in addition to several ceramics classes.

“I love to paint and I love to create,” she said.

Sams said taking art classes allows her to do just that: create.

As for how long it typically takes to complete a work of art, Sams said that it depends on how large the painting is and the medium she is using to create the work.

“Water colors usually take at least a week,” she said. “Acryllic paintings can take upwards of a month.”