I hate everything about Walmart and Winco. I hate grocery shopping period. It never used to bother me. Now it does. It's because I’m not there to lollygag and stroll. I want to get to the aisle, get my stuff, and go. And there’s always someone stopped, talking to a friend, kids running around, etc. Here's what an international survey said are the 10 most annoying things people do shopping for groceries:

1. Blocking an aisle to talk to an acquaintance.

2. Bringing people to the store to tag along and not shop -- they just get in the way!

3. Putting items back randomly where ever you are because that's where you decided you didn't want it. If it's a perishable item, you just threw it in the garbage.

4. Over the limit in the Express Lane.

5. Letting kids run all over the store (especially when they're yelling!)

6. Leaving carts in the middle of the aisle while they go look for something.

7. People who are not in a hurry -- most of us are!

8. Customers who argue with cashiers over coupons.

9. People who pay with checks (forgiven if you fill it out beforehand).

10. People on the phone while the cashier is ringing you up.