It's that time of the year again, when baby goats are all the rage in Tri-Cities!

The 19th annual fundraising event for the Wishing Star Foundation happens in Tri-Cities May 20th through May 24th. Over the years, more than $700,000 has been raised with this popular event. Funds raised go to support Wish Kids.

The Wishing Star Foundation fosters hope, community, and lasting memories by granting wishes for children ages 3-21 who are terminal or battling a life-threatening illness.

The Wishing Star Foundation helps to make wishes come true for children.

You can help make a child's wish come true by sponsoring a wish, collecting donations to support wish granting, and more. If you'd like to help with wish granting, please call the Wishing Star Foundation at 509-744-3411. And now, on to the GOATS!

How much does it cost to arrange a baby goat visit?

A $75.00 donation to the Wishing Star Foundation via the order form is how you will place your in-person baby goat visit order for delivery to your recipient. The recipient can provide a donation during their visit or can pay to send the goat to another person as part of the week-long fundraising event.

How do you get rid of the goat?

A donation in ANY amount will send the baby goat away. Or, if you want to avoid a visit you can secure GOAT INSURANCE to protect yourself from any visits.

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How does one attain GOAT INSURANCE?

With Goat Insurance you can guarantee that NO baby goats will come visit you during our goating week. For a $100 donation you can secure insurance for yourself or someone else. Goat Insurance Certificates are emailed to the “Insured Individual” and a plush goat is presented to the person with insurance during goating week in that area.

To arrange a baby goat visit for someone, click the box below.

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