Hey don't get me wrong. I'm not a tree hugger and see no problem with a fresh cut tree. There's millions of 'em for crying out loud. And while every year there is that random story of a squirrel that actually stayed in the tree all the way to someone's living room, the critters you really need to worry about are not varmints! They're bugs. Hundreds maybe thousands of them. These little critters go dormant in the winter, but your living room feels like a warm summer day and that's when they wake up! Personally, after years of being a fan of the smell and the look of a real tree, I'm now a fake tree guy. For no other reason than the fact that no matter what I used in the water reservoir, my tree was always so dry and dropping needles like crazy and Christmas was still a few days away. See pictures of what bugs to watch for and read more on the story HERE.

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