Greg was showing Woody a holiday light tester and that "sparked" a memory of Greg's from Christmases long, long ago. Apparently after watching an infomercial featuring Evel Knievel Greg picked up the phone and purchased a product known as "The Stimulator." Mr. Evel was promoting The Stimulator as a treatment for arthritis. Even though I might be tempted to buy ANYTHING used regularly by the greatest American who ever lived, it was its ability to ignite a gas grill that sold Greg on "The Stimulator."

And even though he probably won't appreciate this being in print, on the Internet, for everyone to see forever and ever, he really used it for chasing his kids around the house.

If you'd like to buy one as a stocking stuffer for your boys you'll have a tough time. It was taken off the market after violating FDA rules.

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