Travis Pastrana was in Vegas over the weekend breaking Evel Knievel's daredevil jump records but you might not realize is that Evel Knievel once did a jump right here in our backyard.

It happened at the Yakima Speedway in May of 1970.

Evel Knievel attempted to jump 13 Pepsi Cola trucks and it didn't exactly go his way.

The crazy thing in the video is the non-hoopla and light crowd that saw the jump - you'd think people would've come out in droves to watch Evel Knievel but the sport was a different animal back in those days.

I also couldn't believe that he cruised over a patch of grass to get his running start.

If the jump happened today, can you imagine the spectacle and how much a ticket would cost?

Pastrana broke the records but Knievel set them back in a time when you didn't have extra padding on your suit and other technical advancements that we have now so that still makes Knievel the bar in which all others fall under.


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