The 4th of July is coming up fast! In just a few weeks, the skies will be filled with smoke from grills, and lit up with fireworks. While it's fun to set off fireworks of your own there's definitely a risk of injury, you know since they're explosives! The most dangerous type of firework, according to a study by the University of Washington, are the shell-and-mortar type of firework. You know, the kind you're supposed to put in the ground or a container of some kind, then get out of the way! Many people still hold them in their hands and, well, that's just NOT a good idea.

Fireworks cause more than just burns, they contain explosives that can rip through skin and bone to cause breaks, fractures, loss of fingers not to mention damage to eyes ears and more. Just because they may be legal, that doesn't mean they are safe! PLEASE be safe and follow all safety procedures when setting off fireworks this Independence Day, and if it says you shouldn't hold it in your hand, JUST DON'T! It's not worth the risk.

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