A professional bull rider versus Chuck Norris? My money's on the bull rider! In the arena anyway, but these guys are as tough as they come. The Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association has confirmed it, the Xtreme Bulls Tour Finale is coming to Pendleton. This is a big one for the cowboys, with a $110,000 payout. I am not sure if there will be Covid protocols in place by then, but the crowd will be gathering at Happy Canyon Arena in Pendleton in September. This is a 2-day event scheduled for September 13th and 14th, during the Pendleton Roundup, Sept. 11-18.

There have been a lot of great bull riding movies over the years, but my favorite has to be 8 Seconds starring Luke Perry (RIP). It's the true story of champion bull rider Lane Frost. Stephen Baldwin plays Tuff Hedeman. It's about the pressure to perform, living up to expectations, successes and failures, best friends, and of course, love.


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