Danielle Kenitzer was out to dinner with her family a few weeks ago at El Porton Mexican Restaurant in Richland when she was caught off guard by a total stranger!

Jane Doe was also having dinner at El Porton when she noticed Danielle and her family. Jane enjoyed watching them interact as a loving family and was inspired to do something nice!

When Danielle went to pay the bill (it was almost $180.00) she was pleasantly surprised to learn someone had picked up the tab for the entire family!  She was told that Jane Doe had already paid the bill, Danielle and her family thanked Jane and found out that this was not an isolated act of kindness. Apparently Jane Doe does this often for random strangers! What a wonderful thing for both parties involved! There is nothing like the feeling of doing something nice for someone and it is definitely always nice to be on the receiving end of a gesture like that!

So next time if you are out for dinner it might just pay off to put down those cellular devices and have a nice conversation with your family, you never know when and where Jane doe will be watching and ready to pick up your tab! Hopefully if it does happen to you, you will keep it going by paying it forward with another kind act! Thanks Jane Doe for being a kind person in today's world! Be a Jane!!


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