Pasco gets a bad rap and so does Yakima. They could be on the list of Washington's 10 suckiest cities along with several other Washington towns that most people don't want to move to. 

I grew up in Clarkston Washington and never realized that 56% of the city was in poverty.

What're The Worst Towns To Live In Washington State?

Poverty isn't what makes a town sucky or not but the crime rate and crimes against each other can really bring down a town's reputation. If a town has a derogatory nickname, odds are its a sucky town.

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I've lived in Yakima three times in my career. The first time was in the late '90s and the next time was the early 00's. The third time I decided to live in Prosser and nowhere near Yakima even though I worked on the west side of Yakima.

Is Yakima Washington A Bad Place To Live?

Yakima for me was the only town where I've had the most things broken into and stolen. It's not about picking on Yakima, I lived in Bakersfield for goodness sake but the most committed against me in my life has been in Yakima.

I'd like to think I'm kind of an expert on sucky cities as I've lived in Yakima, Nampa Idaho, Havre Montana, Bakersfield California, and Idaho Falls Idaho. These towns can get a bad rap and bad reputation but I've learned if you're not living in the nice parts of these towns, they might be a sucky place to live.

We've compiled 10 Washington towns, mainly on the eastern side of the state, that could be considered Suck City.

Bad Washington Towns Always Seem To Have "Colorful" Nicknames

I know that each town has good and bad but when you start getting nicknames like "Crackima" and "Dry-Cities"* (* I left out what some folks really call Tri-Cities), you might want to start working on your reputation

Take a look at the 10 towns that some folks say suck in Washington State and see if you agree with our top 10 list.

10 Towns In Washington That Really Suck The Most

We've made a gallery of pros and cons of living in these 10 "often" picked on Washington Towns, but are they really as "sucky" as some people say? I would say that some would agree that these are truly the suckiest towns in Washington.

I'm sure we've left a few towns off our list, feel free to app chat us on the radio station app and let us know what other Washington towns to add to our list. Remember, these lists are in good fun but some of these towns I'm sure we can agree that we wouldn't want to move to.

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10 Washington Towns That People Often Mispronounce

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