I just got back from vacation. I was visiting my kids! Man, I'm one proud papa!

Woody's daughter Lindsay has been doodling for as long as she could hold a pen. Making cartoons has been her lifelong dream. After graduating from the School of Visual Arts in New York City she got a job with Plymptoons. She recently finished working on a music video for Weird Al Yankovic's new song TMZ.

Check out some of her student projects on Youtube. The first one features several different cool monsters and fun details, like the color changing eyes and the color flames make up the video Tribute to the Wanderer. This funky video is based off of the game Shadows of Colossus.

"The Portrait" is another one of her videos. This one has a lot of depth and the idea of being chased around an old house by something you cannot see, then getting trapped in a picture gives the animation a very spooky mood!

In "Reward," the industrial/futuristic feel of the video helps create vibrance in the characters. This is a very funny video where the two main characters are competing with each other for reward money. The ending of this video is truly awesome, but you will have to just see for yourself: