It's scary when you get stuck in an area you're unfamiliar with.

And that's exactly what happened to a woman named Holly. On Saturday night, Holly took a wrong turn in the area of US-395 and Ridgeline Drive. After driving for some time, Holly's car ran out of gas. She was stranded in her vehicle along with her two dogs for days.

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On Tuesday afternoon, bicyclist "William" heard Holly shouting for his attention.

Kennewick Police Department Facebook
Kennewick Police Department Facebook

William was riding his mountain bike in the area and came upon Holly's broken-down vehicle. William alerted the Kennewick Police Department.

At about 1 pm, officers responded to the remote area in south Kennewick. The area is under construction.

Upon arrival, Officer Castilleja learned that Holly had been stuck there since Saturday night. She ran out of gas and coasted down the dirt road to the remote area east of the construction site. Holly’s battery was dead, and she only had a few crackers for her and her pets, Nova Lee and Pepper. All 3 were dehydrated. Holly was unable to walk to get help, due to a disability. On top of that, her phone was dead.

Officer Castilleja contacted his partner Officer Duty and together, devised a plan.

Officer Duty, purchased dog food for the pups, water, and a meal for Holly. Officer Castilleja made contact with workers of Scarsella Brothers Inc. Their mechanic, Shawn, stopped by to put gas in Holly’s car and jumped her battery.

Kennewick Police Department
Kennewick Police Department

They weren't done. Using the Kennewick Police Foundation Community Care Fund, Officers Castilleja and Duty filled up Holly’s gas tank so she could get home.

We're so glad that all turned out ok.

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