Normally a high speed chase during the winter can be deadly but what about an 8 MPH slow speed chase?

Washington State Patrol have a 23 yr old women in custody after an 8 MPH slow speed chase near Badger Mountain on I-82 Wednesday night.

Naedean Silva was arrested under the suspicion of driving under the influence of either alcohol or marijuana.

The chase started after Silva's car slide of the road and a tow truck pulled the vehicle out of the ditch, then Silva jumped in her car and took off without paying the tow truck driver for services rendered.

Washington State Patrol caught up with Silva doing 30 MPH on average and after attempts to pull her over failed, troopers laid down a spike strip.

Silva's car continued at roughly 8 MPH for a stretch but eventually got stuck on the side of the road in the snow.

Silva was booked and her 2008 Saturn was impounded. The investigation is still pending. You can read more details on the chase and arrest here    

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