And you thought Mother Nature was done with us, didn't you? Not the case. The National Weather Service in Pendleton has issued another Winter Storm Watch for the Blue Mountains & Cascades. The watch is in effect from Thursday morning through Saturday morning.

This time around, another 10 to 24 inches of snow accumulation is expected in the mountains with the Tollgate area possibly receiving 24-30 inches total accumulation.

High winds will also be accompanying the next round of snow. Gusts as high as 45-50 mph are expected.


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Be prepared for hazardous travel conditions. Your vehicle should be equipped to handle the elements. You may want to have your vehicle's fluids topped off, oil changed, and of course, a full gas tank.

According to The Farmer's Almanac, your car emergency kit should include the following:

* tire chains and tow strap
* blankets, mittens, socks, boots, hand warmers, and hats
* ice scraper and snow brush
* jumper cables
* flashlight and extra batteries
* bottled water and snacks (nuts, granola bars, hard candy, etc.)
* first-aid kit
* windshield cleaner
* flares or reflective warning triangles
* miscellaneous tools
* bag of sand or kitty litter, to help with traction
* lighter and matches in a waterproof container
* spare change and cash
* cell phone and charger

Another good rule is to make sure to share your travel plans with someone before you leave.

Be prepared and safe.

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