Time is running out to win yourself tickets to the Pendleton Whisky Music Fest, happening this Saturday! But there is still a chance! Here is how Woody and Janis will send you to see the show!

Pull out that mobile device, go straight to your iPhone app store or your Google Play store and search for 1027 KORD. You will see the one and only, click on the Kord icon and hit INSTALL. It only takes a moment and you are downloaded! Once it is installed you will have the option to "open" the app, open the app!

You will then be prompted to make a decision... this is the crucial decision, so choose wisely. You will read the following message, "Location Service: In order to receive weather and location-based push notifications, please enable location services on the next prompt," hit OK. You will then have a selection of notifications you would like to receive, you want to enable the "exclusives." This is where it all happens! By accepting exclusive notifications, you will receive alerts telling you when to call to win prizes.

Woody and Janis will be sending out a push notification, prompting you to be caller twelve, Thursday morning and give away Pendleton Whisky Music Fest tickets. This feels like cheating by giving this much information out! It all happens Thursday morning and all before 10:00 a.m. So go get that app downloaded and be ready to call. You can even program our number (509-547-5673) and be one step closer to being caller number twelve. Good luck to you all and I hope to see you at the Party in Pendleton.

2016 Stagecoach California's Country Music Festival
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