WRPD frees stuck coyote (WRPD--YouTube Video still Warner Bros)
WRPD frees stuck coyote (WRPD--YouTube Video still Warner Bros)

Probably one of their more unusual calls.

West Richland PD helps free coyote stuck in fence.

Police didn't give the location, but using gloves and some help from animal control, responded to a rather unusual call on Monday.

Coyote stuck between bars of fence.

A coyote had become stuck between the bars of a fence, and WRPD was able to help it wriggle free. No word if he was chasing a roadrunner or any other animal, but he obviously didn't plan this excursion very well.

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After being freed, the animal slunk off into the sagebrush, no doubt back to the Acme Drawing Board. But the incident does underscore their presence in our area. People with small dogs and outdoor cats or other pets are advised to bring them indoors at night so they don't fall victim to this or any other Wiley E. Coyote.

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