Would you like to know why opening a fitness center in a certain five-block area of Pasco is illegal? I'll tell you why. Because when suits get together and have a meeting, nothing good ever comes of it.

In this five-block area of downtown Pasco, you are also not allowed to display a sandwich board on the sidewalk, sell used bikes or computers, or open a tattoo parlor. The idea behind all of this is to keep Pasco honest and clean. Selling used bikes must mean selling Stolen Bikes right? Used computers must mean stolen computers right?

No clubs that require memberships are allowed because quite some years ago, the suits that had this meeting were trying to clean up downtown Pasco, and if there was membership required to any type of club, it was probably a sleazy adult club in their minds.

But now the City of Pasco is adjusting those rules as local business owners have had enough and want to improve the operating ability of downtown Pasco. Full story from the Tri-Cities Area Journal of Business HERE.

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