I love myself a nice cold Coca Cola, but there is something special about a cold Coke from McDonald's, or at least in my opinion there is! So, I got to thinking, is it just my opinion or is there really something that makes it taste better?

I decided to start digging  and do a little research and I discovered it is true! McDonald's takes pride in their Coke and they go above and beyond to make sure it is served the best it can be!

There are a few ways they insure every Coke served is at it's absolute best! They start with storage, it is delivered in stainless steel containers that help preserve the ingredients and keep the Coke tasting fresher. Most fountain sodas are served from plastic bags.

McDonald's also claims to have the proper filtration system in place and they invest a lot of money maintaining this system, therefore, fresh water obviously means fresh Coke.

Apparently temperature is another key factor in perfecting the excellent flavor! In order to maintain the perfect temperature there is an insulated tube that runs from the refrigerator unit from the storage room, all the way to the soda fountain near the drive-thru window. As the water runs through this tube the temperature is maintained (which is just above freezing) and ensures that cold crisp Coke flavor and also means the carbonation will last longer!

Also, a key factor is their syrup is always pre-chilled before it enters the soda dispenser and one last ingredient for McDonald's perfect Coke is the ICE! Apparently the ice is also an important factor in keeping the syrup ratio at it's finest!

So, there you go!! It wasn't' just my imagination! McDonald's really does have the best Coke in the world and it really DOES taste better! Now, all this talk about Coke, I need to go get me one! Have a great day and maybe a Coke and a smile!

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