The world drinks more than 100 MILLION GALLONS of Coke EVERY DAY.  And after more than a hundred years, we've found out a whole bunch of ways to misuse it.  Here are six of the best ones, from

1.  Rust remover.  Coke has baking soda in it, along with phosphoric and citric acids.  Which basically makes it an industrial-strength cleaner.  You can rub it on a chrome car bumper and it'll take the rust spots right off.

2.  Pain reliever.  You can pour Coke on bee stings and jellyfish stings to take the pain away.  That way no one has to whip their junk out in public.


3.  Fertilizer.  Pour a can or two of Coke into your flower beds once in a while.  The acids help break down organic material, and the sugar attracts microorganisms to enrich the soil.  But you should let the Coke go flat first.


4.  Gum remover.  When your kids get gum stuck in their hair, soak it in Coke.  The gum will slide right off and you won't have to cut it out.


5.  Toilet cleaner.  Dump a can of Coke in your toilet bowl and swish it around.  It'll take care of rust, mildew, mold, and any OTHER kind of stain you might find in there.


6.  Odor neutralizer.  Coke can supposedly combat SKUNK odor too.  If your dog ever gets sprayed, the high acidity in Coke can neutralize the alkaline ingredient in the skunk spray.  That's why citrus and tomato juice help too.

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