Last week we found out why Joe Diffie isn't in Jason Aldean's music video for "1994." Diffie answered the question in an interview and added that young people are now taking notice of him and it has revived his career. That inspired Joe to record a new song called "Girl Ridin' Shotgun" answering Aldean's song. Diffie included a young artist popular with the kiddos named D-Thrash and the Jawga Boyz. Who are they? Find out:The Jawga Boyz do redneck rapping -- also called Hick Hop -- and have 10 million followers on Youtube. The group formed in 2003 and today it includes Derek Thrasher (D-Thrash), Justin Young (Young Gunner), A.J. McIntyre (BoonDock) and Mark Bryant (CornBread).

Here's "Girl Ridin' Shotgun":

Here are more videos from Jawga Boyz: