Did you ever have one of those days where nothing just seemed to go right? I mean, let's suppose you're sitting at home and you come up with a genius idea.

Take your extended cab F250 and a thick chain and let's go hook it up to an ATM and see if we can't just drag that thing home. Then we'll break out the drills and the saws and see how much money we might find inside.

It sounds like a great idea that should go off without a hitch. Problem is, they apparently mount those things in the cement with bigger bolts than expected. Because this guy failed miserably. Oh sure, he damaged the ATM pretty good, but he didn't make it home with his prize. West Richland police sure would like to find the truck pictured in the Facebook article below.

15 Ways You Can Help People in Ukraine Right Now

As Americans watch events unfold in Ukraine, many wonder how they can help. Below is a list of organizations responding to the crisis in Ukraine along with information on how you can support their various missions. 

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