According to a recent survey done in the U.S., including WA state, which month do we think is the gloomiest; and which day?

Ezvid Wiki, a video, software and media company, polled 3,000 people in each state to determine which month they think is the gloomiest; as well as which day in that month.

According to the survey, Washington residents consider January to be the worst, and the day? January 1st.  So much for starting the new year off right!

The survey also considered 36 years of weather patterns and other seasonal data, and found that January tends to be the rainiest, murkiest and snowiest in many states.

December is too but the optimism of Christmas and Holidays makes that weather more tolerable.

See Ezvid Wiki's interactive map which shows how survey results came up for each state. Partial spoiler:  there's only two months that show up in the study.

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