Tipping dates back to the 16th century in England, it originated in mansions and taverns. Guests would leave a "vail" to compensate for their extra service received by staff. Tavern goers would slip bartenders a cash tip "to insure promptitude."

America didn't embrace the tipping idea until over a century later, surrounded by much controversy. Tipping in America is still a controversial subject. Tipping is not mandatory and the customer has the right to tip and decide who the tip goes to. When leaving a tip the easiest and most common way to calculate a tip is a percentage of the bill of services rendered. A good rule of thumb to use when leaving a tip is,

Ok service-- 10%

Above average service-- 15%

Exceptional service-- 20%

If your service was horrible leaving one penny speaks much louder than if you were to leave nothing at all! WARNING: You will not be forgotten!!



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