Many Seattle restaurants (including Ivar's) have done away with tipping now that they're paying their employees $15 an hour. If that minimum wage goes statewide, are you ready for the restaurants' inevitable response?

Many restaurants have ended tipping, but are adding a "service" surcharge that goes directly to the staff. Great idea, right? No one raises the menu prices, no one gets a pay cut, and now tips are shared equally with the ALL the staff. What could be wrong with that? For starters, so far they've ALL elected to make it 20 percent.

Isn't 15 percent standard? That's what I was always told. Only in the last decade did I begin hearing 18 percent was standard (inexplicably). Now it's 20? Apparently Emily Post (the etiquette queen) taught 10 percent was standard at the turn of the last century. That's a long time ago I know, but the job of a server hasn't changed and percentages keep up with inflation.

And why is it a BIG tip on top of $15 an hour? I was supposed to tip 20 percent because my server was only making $4 an hour so isn't 15 percent PLENTY if they're now making more than I did after graduating college?

What do YOU think?


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