The stay at home order has many of us doing extra cleaning, excessive yard work, fixing broken household appliances, turning wrenches on vehicles and much more. What does Kevin, the boyfriend and I do when we have depleted all of our necessary chores? We down a tree (it was dead and on the chore list) and make a very wobbly, unstable, crooked bridge to play on.

Trial and error, that is the lesson we learned during our bridge adventures. The bridge appears to have steps built into it, but I can assure you they were not on purpose. Getting a chainsaw to cut evenly across a log, while standing in very cold pond water is harder than you might think. The pond is small and we have absolutely no reason to need a bridge to cross it, it provides entertainment only.

We started out by simply taking turns crossing it, laughing like children and challenging each other to "go really fast." That thrill faded fast however, and the more challenging ideas started flowing. We tried to meet in the middle and pass each other without falling in... very unsuccessful. More unsuccessful for him than me, he went in four times, I only went in once and that was our final attempt. I don't think he realizes me getting wet was the reason it was our final attempt. We attempted to cross each other while he was sitting on the log by having me crawl over him and while it was dark out. Also very unsuccessful and COLD! Our next project is a raft made out of things found around the house and in the backyard, I worry for my safety!

The laughs and memories that have been made on this childish, totally unnecessary bridge has been worth the time spent, the bruises we have both endured and the numerous trips into that cold water.

I hope you are all staying safe, whether at home or at work and just remember we are all in this together!

Bridge Shenanigans

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