My wife and I were running errands yesterday and decided to take a ride over the new Richland Duportail Bridge. We shot a quick video of the new bridge and how smooth of a ride it was on that brand new pavement.

The Duportail Bridge in Richland is a completion of a long time dream to connect to the Queensgate area from across the ravine of the lower part of Bypass Highway at Duportail.

I moved to the Tri-Cities in 2007 and construction hadn't even started on the bridge and I remember looking across the ravine and thinking a bridge should be in that same location.

City planners obviously agreed as we now have a new bridge at Duportail. The bridge isn't officially open yet except in one direction for local traffic but it was fun to take a ride on the bridge even if it was only one-way.

I'm sure once the bridge opens, it'll get plenty of travelers going across it. It should also help with traffic at the Queensgate intersection making it much easier for residents of Richland to travel back and forth from the Queensgate area.

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