The first day of spring was last weekend, when's the water coming?

Various districts have startup dates posted

Where we live is in the Kennewick Irrigation District, or KID.  Each area district has information and details about when water will begin to flow in the canals.

However, a startup date doesn't mean water from the spicket.  It does take a while for the canals to fill, and each grid has its own flow dates. But in general, here's when our water is supposed to at least start coming online.  Click on each highlighted district for information about their timetables.

Kennewick Irrigation District (KID)  Their website says April 1st the water will be seen in the larger feeder canals, but it may take a few weeks to get to everyone.

Columbia Irrigation District (CID) They began filling and flushing their main canals March 20, this will take at least through March 28. They hope to have water to their entire district by April 22nd.

South Columbia Basin Irrigation District (SCBID)  This one serves Franklin County, north of Pasco.  They began filling the Potholes Canal in Late February, and water is already being delivered to some areas near Mattawa, and other areas are expected to see water around March 30th.

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Franklin County Irrigation District (FCID)  The water return process began March 21st, and much like the other districts, customers will soon see pressure in their systems.

 Benton Irrigation District (BID) for those who live in and around Benton City, the BID  began its refill process on March 21st, and water will be making its way to consumers soon.

 Badger Mountain Irrigation District (BMID)  One of the newer ones, it was founded in 1975. They plan to begin water deliveries, get it flowing, on April 1st.

Irrigation (Getty)
Irrigation (Getty)

Happy watering!  And remember, don't use irrigation to fill the pool...

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