2022 Kennewick Washington Irrigation Is Delayed

I don't know about you but my lawn is slowly coming back to life. It does have some brown spots and I was anxious for the Kennewick Irrigation season to begin.

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When Does The Kennewick Irrigation Water Season Begin?

It was supposed to start on April 1st but now the irrigation season has been delayed.

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When Does The Irrigation Water Come On In Kennewick?

Our news partner KNDU-TV reported on when the new irrigation turn-on date is coming.

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According to reports, the Kennewick Irrigation District is wrapping up some construction and clean-up projects during the off-season and KID needs a little bit more time to wrap up those projects.

One of the projects is widening the canals and also making the canals safer with sturdier walls. KID is also hopeful the wider canals will capture water that'll help when Kennewick is experiencing a drought.

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According to reports, the new date for water to be delivered through the canals starting April 9th, and remember it does take a few days for the irrigation canals to become pressurized so it might take a few days after that for some residents to receive water.

You can read more details about the delay of the Kennewick Irrigation Water here.

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