We've probably all seen videos of someone driving down the road with a gas pump handle sticking out of their gas tank. Hard to believe this ever happens isn't it? I'll bet the Patrol Sergeant for the Pasco Police who got caught driving down the road with one sticking out of his tank always thought that it would be impossible for it to happen to him. But while he was filling up, and cleaning his windshield at the gas station the past Sunday, a call came in that sounded important. Naturally, he put the squeegee back in its container and sped away! Yes, it's a classic case of being thrown off of your routine. Oh, I'm sure he took a whole lot of joking and ribbing from his co-workers. He even appeared on the Facebook page called Tri-Cities Bad Driver Shaming. Pasco police agree in their own Facebook post about the incident (shown below), that that is appropriate. They also answer several questions you might have about this incident. Is it a crime? Only if you did it on purpose. If it was you with the gas pump handle sticking out of your gas tank, would the police pull you over for it? Absolutely. Would you be responsible for repair costs? If it caused some damage, then yes. Apparently, in most cases, these pump handles are designed with a quick-release system. This officer is not the only person in the world who has ever done this as we all know from internet videos. And he's not even the first police officer who has ever done it as you'll see in the YouTube video I found below!


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