According to NASA, an out of control satellite will fall to earth some time Friday. Officials say pieces could fall in the U.S., Asia and Europe. Hey, way to narrow it down.

Nasa officials say the most of the six ton spacecraft will burn up during re-entry, but a half a ton is likely to make it through. I'm no NASA scientist, but even a ten pound piece of molten metal traveling at warp speed is going to leave a mark. Apparently this out of control satellite is tumbling in such a way,officials are having trouble pinpointing where it may re-enter. The good news is, it could break-up into as many as 26 pieces. The bad news is it could break-up into as many as 26 pieces. A flaming 1000 pound hunk of space junk hitting earth vs 26 flaming balls of fire that weigh about 38 pounds apiece slamming into earth, either way some one'scalling their insurance agent. Though NASA officials admit pieces could fall in populated areas here in the United States, they don't seem to be to worried. One NASA official said " Things have been re-entering our atmosphere ever since the dawn of the space age, to date nobody has been injured." Well , I sure feel better. Don't panic, like most UFO's it will land at 'Stinky's Rib Shack and swamp tours', some where in Arkansas. The hunk of metal will ignite Scooters still, and when the feds investigate he'll be arrested for making moonshine. Case closed. I know where I'd like to see a couple of  these fireballs land, but's that my little secret. How about you, where would you like to see a 38 pound flaming piece of space metal land?

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