Graduation is happening across the states this month and it's happening RIGHT NOW locally! One of the graduations this weekend is Hanford High school. Kamrace, my daughter along with her senior class will be gathering as classmates one last time at the Toyota Center at 4:00 p.m. to start the next chapter of their lives.

So we wonder, how will you celebrate? Most families are planning backyard Barbeques, dinner reservations and even booking family vacations! As much as I would love to fly away to an inclusive topical vacation, we are settling for the backyard barbeque!

We will be grilling it up and here is what is for dinner;


Blackberry barbeque, chicken, pineapple, bacon kabobs!! That's right! Since I can't take my daughter to a tropical beach I will make her tropical-ish food!!

I would love to share the exact receipt but I just started pulling things out of the fridge and created this fabulous concoction! Here we have, skinless, boneless breast of chicken, pineapple chunks, sautéed onions, bacon (fried 3/4 of the way), barbeque sauce, my Momma's homemade blackberry jam and

salt, pepper and garlic power to taste. In a large container I added all ingredients and mashed mixed it together with my bare hands until everything was coated evenly. I then preheated the oven to 250 and let bake for 4 hours. After baking and cooling just enough it went into storage!! In the fridge that is!! It will stay stored in the fridge until Saturday morning until its time for the grill!! I will then assemble the kabobs! Since they have already been slowly cooked they will only need enough time on the grill to caramelize!

Hope you all have a fun and safe graduation weekend, no matter how you celebrate and CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF 2018!





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