Every weekend our grill is busy and Eddie (My better-ish half) is whippin' up something good! He has such a creative mind when it comes to grillin' and keeping me Well Fed! So, I decided I would share his creations with you all! This weekend the grill was EXTRA busy as he had steak, lobster, shrimp and his special bacon wrapped stuffed red and yellow mild peppers! The Peppers were too good not to share! So here ya go!!

Ingredients: Miniature red, orange and yellow peppers, mild ground sausage, bacon, onion, mushrooms, Cream cheese (Eddie used chive & onion flavor) Boursin cheese (garlic & herb) and parmesan cheese, salt and pepper to flavor.



Wash your peppers, slice them lengthwise, clean the center out and set them aside. Dice the onion and mushroom and sauté them with butter and season with salt and pepper to flavor. In a separate pan fry the sausage until 3/4 of the way cooked, then add your onion, mushrooms, cream cheese, parmesan cheese, boursin cheese, cook on medium heat until all the cheese is evenly distributed and sausage is cooked thoroughly, then let cool.

Spread your bacon out for easy access. Once your stuffing has cooled, take a small spoon and start spooning your stuffing into the pepper "boat," overfill the half pepper and leave it open face and heaping. Then take one strip of bacon and wrap your pepper so that all the ingredients is completely covered and held into the pepper securely for grilling. Preheat your grill (Eddie used a Traeger specifically) to 325 degrees, once your grill is ready throw those babies on and let the magic happen!!



Let them cook until your bacon is at your desired crispness (Since the inside is precooked). I personally like my bacon a little on the less crispy side so it's all to your preference! Once your bacon is to your liking pull them off and let them cool for 5 or so minutes and then ENJOY!!

I hope you have enjoyed staying 'Well Fed With Ed" and hope you stay tuned in each Monday to see what Eddie had on the grill over the weekend!!


Oh.... and he hates his picture being taken!! Hehehe....