The latest edition of People magazine comes out tomorrow and it features Tim McGraw and Faith Hill talking about their marriage, successful careers, and starring in the Yellowstone prequel called "1883".

And of course, the online comments went a little bit crazy when the cover photo featuring Tim and Faith hit the internet. Everyone is claiming that it doesn't even look like Faith Hill at all and that she must have had a ton of work done.

But as you will see in the video below, Faith looks very natural and beautiful as always. (It looks like somebody who was in charge of retouching that cover photo just went a little too far with it....or way too far!)

"1883" starts December 19th on Paramount +, not to be confused with the Paramount Network which airs Yellowstone.

For a more in-depth interview with Tim & Faith, you can watch the longer version on


1883 goes back to how the Dutton family all began and you know it will stay true to the story since it's also from the mind of the guy who created Yellowtone, Taylor Sheridan. When I first saw how good he is on a horse in Yellowstone, I figured he was a real cowboy that happened to find acting, and yep, he grew up on a ranch in Texas.

Taylor also wrote the screenplay for Hell or High Water starring Chris Pine and Jeff Bridges.

Did you know Taylor Sheridan was in Sons of Anarchy? **Mind Blown**


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