As I was leaving the house this morning, I grabbed my purse from off the table and it about hit the floor and ripped my arm out of its socket! I cursed at myself and actually said out loud "Janis what on earth do you have in your purse?" So it got me to thinking, what DO I actually have in my purse that is so darn heavy and exactly just how heavy is this thing? I hauled my "luggage" to bathroom, propped it up on the bathroom scale and weighed that monster. I stood there disgusted with myself.

It weighed in at a shameful eight pounds. Eight pounds of an extension of my arm, with a bad back and neck seems utterly ridiculous! But what could weigh so much? I don't have anything in there that I can't live without, or that I could remember at least.

So, one by one I started to extract the silly things that I haul around with me everywhere I go and I am now embarrassed! I haven't counted the change yet but I would venture to say there is a good forty bucks in there, maybe more! I have a pile of receipts from Christmas, for items that I NEVER plan on returning, W2's for taxes I dread filing, deodorant for my not so fresh days, pens I stole from my daughters work, lip gloss, chapstick, heel seal (wth?), a flashlight, cough drops, candy, business cards, hot flash medicine (the only thing that really makes sense), a bandana, dry shampoo (really? dry shampoo?), vape juice, my wallet, an entire other (tacky) bag full of makeup, cream for my aches and pains and a five hour energy shot!

Maybe this isn't so bad or maybe it is... there was a time in my life where I only carried a wallet and that was all I needed! So how does this compare to your purse? Am I that bad or is this fairly normal? I guess what I am getting at, after all of this, is that I probably wouldn't need cream for my aching back if I would just lighten my load and stop lugging around unnecessary items.

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