Back on the first weekend of spring I blogged about how nice the weather was, and it just felt like the right thing to do to say, "Go have some ice cream." So I had to ask, when people in the Tri-Cities eat ice cream what are their favorite flavors? We received lots of responses! You guys really care about your ice cream. Here are some of them:

  • "Jamoca Almond Fudge has been my favorite since I was about 6. Mint Choc Chip is a close 2nd."
  • "I can never really pick...when I go to Baskin Robins, I always mix it up...I have to say, though, my first true love is Cherry Garcia."
  • "Baseball nut"
  • "Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough"
  • "My favorite flvor of ice cream is rainbow sherbert! Always has been. It's like my best friend!"
  • "Jamoca almond fudge... yummmers"
  • "I will eat any flavor that DOESN'T have fruit in it!"
  • "Whatever flavor you like dig in! Drip some on your t-shirt and share with the dog! I scream! You Scream! We all scream for ICE CREAM!"
  • "Anybody got a dollar here comes the ice cream truck!"

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